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Exhibitus was upgrading to a larger presence at the 2014 Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas. The challenge included a booth space at the rear of the hall which begged for a concept that screamed for attention amongst the sea of exhibitors. The dramatic angled structure maximized precious floor space and commanded the air space with a self-contained lighting projection theater. The large three-dimensional Exhibitus logo “floated” in front and the brand was reinforced with CG logos projected in motion on the ceiling with product benefits projected on the print fabric sides. The theme for the exhibit was “Smart Connections” in which the message was integrated in rewards-based in-booth game.
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Rebranded for Exhibitor 2015:

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An alternate rental idea of the same property post Exhibitor Show:







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Dexter Knives traveling learning experience

Dexter Russell

Mobile Tour


Dexter Russell asked Access to create an educational brand/product experience where culinary students from across the country can learn about the best professional cutlery in the world, all within the confines of a 30′ motor home. Access custom built and experiential mobile environment that tales attendees through each chapter of the cutlery making story, from the chemistry behind the materials that are used in cutlery of the highest quality, to the step-by-step manufacturing process.

Within the confines of a 30’ motor home we
created an educational brand/product experience
where culinary students from across the country
learn about the best professional cutlery in the
world. The goal was to instill in the minds of the
students, prior to embarking on their careers as
chefs, that Dexter-Russell is the only brand of
professional cutlery to use.

A custom-built, experiential mobile environment that takes the attendees through each chapter of the cutlery
making story, from the chemistry behind the materials that are used in cutlery of the highest quality, to the
step-by-step manufacturing experience.
“Every one of our expectations has been exceeded, here. We had every confidence in Access from the get-go,
but we had no idea you folks would take our vision to such a level. I couldn’t be happier.”
– Buck Raper, Manager of Manufacturing and Engineering
• Dedicated and cued audiovisual and lighting elements
• Facilitator-delivered audio commentary and video
• Large-scale 3D models, material samples, product displays and a demonstration area
• QR codes used throughout the interior to lead attendees to web-based product information and social
media sites




 Designed while under the employment of Access TCA, Inc.

Concept for Immucor Traveling Mobile Environment

Immucor develops, manufactures, and sells reagents and systems used to detect and identify cell and serum components of human blood prior to blood transfusions. Access TCA designed and built a traveling 53′ trailer that showcased their products. The following images showcase the a new concept for another trailer, which was cancelled due to capital restrictions.





























Novo Nordisk ASH 2011



















A proposed rental solution utilizing existing properties, Access TCA rental properties, two large, curved ceiling-hung LED signs, and 3×3 seamless plasma areas.

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United Technologies Innovation Center



Corporate Executive Briefing Center   |  Washington D.C.

Attributes: Highly interactive, corporate, technology

The Challenge: From it’s proven track record on numerous interactive and media rich projects. Inhance was invited to take a blank space of United Technologies new corporate headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. and create an environment that would showcase all of their companies’ products and services. A long-time partner on many projects, Inhance brought in Access TCA to make the environment match the level of interactive in the experience. The user experience includes a 360 degree immersion theater, 21′ interactive glass mural, interactive 84″ corporate digital model screen, Sikorsky flight simulator, and highlights the products and capabilities of their companies. After the final concept was approved, I worked with the architect, Smithgroup, who translated my design into an extensive package for the general contrator and for the local code approval. This project was a wonderful collaboration between three leading companies in their fields. The opening reception was featured in the Washington Post.


Featured in the February, 2012 issue of Event Design Magazine here.

Featured on cover: Penn Arthur /CEO at Inhance Digital, Mich Gunderson / VP Creative at Access TCA, and Mary Hauser/ Director of Government Communications at United Technologies
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60×80 Island for 2010 SHRM Show                     View some more on YouTube here.

Attributes: Interactive, high-energy, technology

The Challenge: Monster’s desired outcome was to present Monster as technology-driven leader in their industry. They wanted to showcase their social media tools and demonstrate their cutting-edge 6Sense search technology in a fun, interactive and memorable forum.

Within the Monster booth, were new and innovative solutions to help employers source, match, and manage candidates. It was an opportunity to see Monster’s latest technology and tools in action, tools that help employers better connect with the best talent – faster and more precisely than ever before.

Featuring 35 + plasma screens, the only augmented reality experience on the SHRM floor, and a live interactive game show, Monster’s booth experience reflected the ever-changing world of work. Some of the feature highlights in the booth included:

•    Monster’s patented 6Sense® search technology delivers the most relevant candidates by analyzing, rating, and ranking resumes based on the most recent qualifications of job seekers. This was highlighted in a large, central theater with 103″ screen, live presenter, and game pods featuring the custom-developed Monster Candidate Match Game.

•    Power Resume Search® provides precise, relevant results that match people with opportunities faster and better than ever before.

•    Monster Mobile Apps extend the reach of job postings by allowing Monster members to search and apply to jobs on-the-go using mobile devices.

•    Monster Career Ad Network® transforms job postings into high-impact online ads strategically placed on our vast network of thousands of partner sites.

•    Military.com provides a targeted path to career-minded military veterans through online ads, targeted emails, and customized solutions.

This booth was winner of several awards, including Best Use of A Single Technology and Best Combination of Event Technologies by Event Marketer.


The Monster Candidate Match Game Show was custom designed and produced by Inhance Digital.  This multi-player, computer-based, interactive experience was a fun and educational way to bring Monster’s customers up to speed on their innovative solutions. Everyone who played the game received one of Monster’s always-in-demand plush Trumps; and everyone who won received a large plush Trump. Winners were also entered into a raffle to wine an iPad2 plus Monster-branded sleeve. Each day, one iPad2 was raffled away.


The central theater featured a 103″ multi-touch wall.. This interactive touch wall will gave attendees a chance to launch an experience.  The interactive touch wall showcased Monster’s 6Sense semantic search technology in action, plus their growing family of mobile apps and other soon-to-be launched products.


Within the booth, there 8 workstations equipped with touchscreen technology, 3 mobile apps stations for employers to test drive all of Monster’s mobile apps, and one veteran’s demo area – this is where employers actively hiring veteran’s could swing by to check out Monster’s newest offering specifically for vets looking for employment.

Also, on the rear of the double deck was an Augmented Reality station where attendee’s could hold up a preshow mailing and, triggered by a live webcam, an animated Trump popped up out of the mailer on the screen in front of the attendee. View a video demo on YouTube here.

[quicktime width=”320″ height=”240″]http://eurton.us/mywork/wp-content/uploads/video/Monster2.MOV[/quicktime]

Monster highlighted their social community presence with a TwitterFall  that was powered by three display that displayed live #monsterlive tweets cascading down the displays. Facebook was featured also.

Upstairs, on the second floor of the double deck, was hospitality, a contemporary private conference rooms, and two overlooks that allowed attendees to watch the activities from above.


Designed while under the employment of Access TCA, Inc.

Photo Credit: Padgett & Company